∾Who I Am∾

Hi everyone ^-^ My name is Luna, and I'm the webmistress of this neocities site! I'm a 20-something from Canada, and I'm using this site to have a small place of my own on this wide open Internet. I don't have any grand ambitions for it, I just think it's quite nice to have a little place that's all my own; something I can customize to my hearts content ♡ I do, however, have an interest in learning to code my own site (you can look at this page if you'd like to follow along with me!) and I figured this was as good a place as any to try! I've always had an interest in web design and making websites in particular but it's never something I pursued, for one reason or another. This being my own site though gives me all the freedom in the world, and I hope to one day complete a design all by myself :3

In addition to this I also love reading and writing my own fiction, whether that be fanfiction or original works, and I do hope to be a published author one day! It's been my dream for the longest time (that I can remember) and it coming true would really be quite amazing c: I have also (quite recently!) gotten into making simple pixel art! I mostly do tile backgrounds and web badges right now, but I hope to grow my skills to branch out and make other art, like pixel scenes, original characters, and, really, anything! My biggest inspiration is art from old Korean websites like SayClub and CyWorld as I really do find that art so beautiful and nostalgic, and I think being able to make anything that looks like it would be quite fun! I do know I'm still a long way off from anything I make looking like that, though, as I have no background in any kind of art and am starting from nothing ^^; But! I will only get better with time and effort, and I am confident one day my skills will be at a level I can be proud of ♡

∾My Interests∾

In addition to the things above, I also have many things I like! I have a huge interest in music and some of my favourite genres are kpop, jpop (I'm especially fond of 70's-80's jpop, with a huge love for citypop in particular!), jazz, rock, and alternative! Some of my favourite artists are;

kpop: SEVENTEEN, OnlyOneOf, Dream Catcher, SHINee, Yukika, Eyedi, S.E.S., Girls Generation, A.C.E, Red Velvet,

jpop: Taichi Mukai, Kaoru Akimoto, Sugiyama Kiyotaka, Anri, Utada Hikaru, Tomoko Aran

jazz: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers,

rock: Meet Me @ The Altar, Buck-Tick, Rolling Quartz

alternative: Nova Twins,

Getting away from music


You might not be able to guess it from my site's colour scheme, but my favourite colour is actually purple! In making my site, however, I knew I wanted a pastel and lighter coloured palette and I like pastel pink more than tones like lilac and lavender, so I decided a pink theme with purple touches throughout would look best :3


STATUS: online and editing :3