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Hi! I'm Luna, a 20-something who's using this site to carve out my own little corner of the internet for myself This is a personal site where I post things I make, talk about things I like, and try to gather my hobbies all in one place! I'm really fond of pixel art, the Universe, and the colour purple.

This site is very much still under construction, so please do be patient with me

~Most Recent Updates~

(05-16-24) Updated my archived sites page! Not sure how many more I added, but they're all marked with new so they're easy to see ^-^ For now I'll take a break from adding new sites and instead focus on changing my theme around for the time being :3

(05-05-24) Got my archived sites page up and running! If you have an interest in older websites please do give it a look :3 Long live the old web!

(05-03-24) After a ton of effort and time spent downloading, copying links, and coding a new page, my Geocities background archive is up and ready for you to peruse!!! :3 It may take a little while to load, but it's worth it if you're looking for a background for...well, anything! I also have a small homepage for the archives here, and this will be added to as I grow my archive

(04-05-24) Added all my mutuals to my button wall!

(04-03-24) Added a chatroom for people to talk in :3 Pop in and say hi if you want ^-^

(03-31-24) Did some more behind the scenes work! With this update I've gotten my nav bars into HTML files which will make it much easier to update my site going forward :3 Very exciting!!! Also added some new cursors to my materials page :3 They're swords!

(03-26-24) Got all my images replaced! Imgur is now completely dead to me ._.

(02-25-24) Added two new fonts to my materials page :3

~Currently Working On~

Trying to tidy up my existing pages and make sure it's all clean and concise :3

~Pages in the Works~

A shrine to SEVENTEEN; a shrine to Shinee; a page dedicated to the history of pride flags; a manga rec page; my attempt at a mini room maker clone, as well as a candybar doll maker.

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